Tryp Porto Centro

Tryp Porto Centro

Health & Safety

Has this hotel received the “Clean & Safe” stamp from Turismo de Portugal (official tourism body)?

Yes, this hotel received the “Clean & Safe” stamp from Turismo de Portugal, which certifies compliance with the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde (official health body).

What are the procedures implemented to ensure health and security in the hotel?

Several procedures have been implemented to ensure health and security at the hotel. For more information see our information page here.


What are the Points of Interest in the hotel area?

You can obtain this information through our Points of Interest page, and through our Concierge APP that will be at the hotel (APP not available yet).

Is the shuttle service between the airport and hotel available?

The hotel doesn’t have this service. The best option to the airport is taxi. If you would like to, the reception can call a taxi.

How can I go to the city centre?

It is possible to go to the city centre by bus or taxi.

What is the main rate to the airport and hotel?

The main rate is +/- 25 euros.

Prices and Payments

Are the rates presented per person or per room?

Rates are presented per room and per night.

What are the payment methods for reservation made through our website?

The payment of the stay is made online through any payment method. To guarantee a reservation a credit card is requested.

Is the city tax charged?

Yes it is, and it’s not included. Should be paid during the guest’s stay. The value is 2€ per person/night, until the maximum of 7 nights in a row per person/stay.

By what age children do not pay?

Kids do not pay until 4 years old.

Is a credit card needed to make a reservation?

Yes. A credit card is needed for reservation.

What are the available payment methods?

Cash, debit card and credit card. Early payment of the reservations can be done through bank transfer.

Can I pay with my company’s credit card?

Yes, you can. However, as payments with credit card require a card entitlement by the owner, a written authorization by the credit card owner will be needed.

Is it possible to request a bill in my company’s name?

Yes. The bill will be emitted in the company’s name mentioned by the client.

What is included in the booking price?

Only accommodation or bed and breakfast, depending on the option booked.

Do I have to pay tax on the amounts shown?

The only additional amount is the tourist tax (€ 2.00 / person / night up to a maximum of 7 nights).

Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes, if the booking is on a “bed and breakfast” basis. It depends on the rate booked.

If I book by credit card, when is the amount withdrawn?

It depends on the type of rate booked. If it is a prepaid rate, the amount is charged to the credit card at the time of booking. If it is a flexible rate, the amount is only charged on the day of arrival.

Can I pay at the hotel with a different card than the one I booked with?

Yes, if you book a flexible rate. If you choose a prepaid rate, the payment is charged to the credit card indicated at the time of booking and there is no possibility of refund or exchange of card.

Can I benefit from an online rate by booking directly with the reservations department?


I have not received my receipt, what should I do?

You should contact the hotel by e-mail, or by telephone +351 225 194 800 and notify us of the situation.


Is there any rooms for guest with reduced mobility?

The hotel provides 1 room for guests with reduced mobility are available. Our employees are always ready to help you.

Do rooms have minibar?

Yes. Every room has minibar with a bottle of water, beer and soft drinks.

Are there any connecting rooms?

Yes. The hotel has connecting rooms.

Is it possible to request extra pillows and sheets?

Yes. It is possible to request extra pillows. Every room has extra covers stored in the room’s wardrobe.

Does the hotel have room service? What is the schedule?

Yes. The service is available only at breakfast between 07h30-10h30. The service has a fee of 4.00€ per request.

Is it possible to include romantic decoration in the room? What is the cost?

It is possible to do the rooms decoration. The cost is adjusted with the request.

Do rooms have balcony?

Only 4 rooms have balcony. The rest doesn’t have.

What are the different types of room available in the hotel?

Standard room with double bed or 2 twin beds, premium room, fitness, family with double bed and suites with double bed.

Do rooms have carpet?

No. The rooms floor is in wood.

Do rooms have air- conditioner?

Yes. Every room has air-conditioner.

Is there any wake-up call service in the hotel?

Yes. Wake-up call service is available. It can be requested to the hotel’s reception staff.

Are rooms soundproof?

No. Rooms aren’t totally soundproof.

Do rooms have shower and/or tub?

All rooms are equipped with tub.

Are the televisions in the rooms Smarttv?


Do the rooms have a hairdryer?



What is the check-in schedule?

Check-in begins at 14h. For early check-in, guests should contact the hotel to consult availability. Additional costs might be added.

What is the check-out schedule?

The check-out is made until 12h. For late check-out, guests should contact the hotel to consult availability. Additional costs might be added. In case it is part of a campaign, late check-out conditions are not ruled by this procedure.

Late check-in. Is it possible to do check-in until what time?

Check-in can be done anytime since the reception is opened 24h/day.

Is the reception opened 24h?

Yes. The reception works 24h/ day.

Which languages are spoken in the reception?

In the reception we speak portuguese, english and spanish.

What documents are needed to check in?

To check in, a personal identification document (citizen’s card or passport) is required for each guest.

If I am allergic to an ingredient, when and where do I inform you?

You can inform reception at the time of check in. You can also provide this information before checking in, which will facilitate the provision of products suited to your needs.


Is it possible to send my CV to join the hotel’s team?

Yes. Application can be sent to


How to book directly with the hotel?

Reservations can be done through online booking engine. As an alternative contact us through e-mail ( or telephone: (+351 225 194 800).

How to cancel or change a reservation made through our website?

Booking cancelation made through our website can be made in it or through request by e-mail. Since some reservations do not allow cancelation you should consult the reservations conditions before making the reservation.

How to reserve a cradle?

Cradles can be requested directly to the hotel’s reception. This request can be done in the special request field.

How should I guarantee a room with a single bed or a double bed?

The request can be done while booking ( in the special request field if the reservation is made online) or directly on the reception before or during check-in.

How to do a group reservation?

Group reservations should be made through e-mail directly to the hotel’s group department (

How to guarantee a room in a higher floor?

The request can be done while booking ( in the special request field if the reservation is made online) or directly on the reception before or during check-in.

What are the advantages of booking directly through the hotel’s website?

While making the reservation through the hotel’s website you will benefit of the best available rate.

If I book online can I make changes with the hotel by phone?

Changes to bookings made online must be requested online on the platform where the booking was made.

How can I access current campaigns?

You can consult current campaigns at

What are the cancellation policies?

The cancellation policy depends on the type of rate of your booking. Please refer to the rate conditions in your booking documentation.

How long does it take to cancel my booking?

The cancellation deadline depends on the type of rate of your booking. Please refer to the rate conditions in your booking documentation.

What does non-cancellable mean?

Non-cancellable means that the reservation cannot be cancelled, so the amount paid to secure it will not be refunded in case you do not use the reservation.

What does refundable rate mean?

A non-refundable rate is a rate that, in case of cancellation, does not allow the refund of the prepaid amount.

What does non-refundable rate mean?

A non-refundable rate is a rate that, in case of cancellation, does not allow the refund of the prepaid amount.

How do I book a cot/extra bed? Is there an extra cost?

There is no extra charge for a cot; there is an extra charge for a bed for children over 5 years old.

Can I book more than one room?

Yes, you can book several rooms at

How can I make a booking for events or meetings?

Through the hotel website:

Can I book a room on the same day?


Can I change the hotel booked?

The best procedure is to cancel your reservation at the original hotel and make a new reservation at the desired hotel.

If I don’t turn up at the hotel on the date of my stay without prior notice, will I be charged the full amount of the stay?

Yes, if it is a non-refundable booking. If it is a flexible booking, you will be charged for the first night of your stay in case of a no-show.

Is it safe to make a booking on the website?

Yes, it is completely safe to make a reservation on


What is the breakfast’s schedule?

Breakfast service is served in the hotel’s buffet restaurant from 07h00 until 10h30.

Does breakfast have gluten-free products?

Yes. The hotel has gluten free products. Please request on the “special requests” field.

Does breakfast have lactose-free milk?

Yes. Please request on the “special requests” field.

Does breakfast have vegetarian options? And vegan?

Yes. We suggest that you always make this reference in your booking request in the “special requests” field.


Is it possible to do a pre-check-in?

Yes. After making the reservation, we will send you an email with instructions of how to proceed with the pre-check-in 7 days before your stay and also 3 days before. You can fill in your details and avoid wasting time when you arrive at the hotel.

Are there any smoking areas in the hotel?

It is only allowed on the terrace of the rooms in the fourth floor that are smokers rooms.

Does the hotel have its own parking?

The hotel has a garage with a limited number of parking places. The use of the garage has an additional cost and it can only be used through face-to-face reservation on the hotel’s reception.

Is it possible to reserve parking in advance to guarantee it?

No. Use of the garage is subject to availability on arrival.

Can I leave my luggage in the hotel before check-in and after check-out?

Yes. Our hotel have a room for storing luggage before check-in and after check-out.

Is the parking paid? What is the value?

Parking has a cost per day. Please check with the reception about the different prices.

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Not, pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Does the hotel have meeting rooms?

Yes. The hotel has two meeting rooms with a capacity between 10 and 75 people.

Does the hotel have wedding services?

No, the hotel does not have wedding services.

Is there any lift?

Yes. The hotel has 2 lifts for guests.

Are there any chargers for electric cars?

Yes, we do provide chargers for electric cars at the hotel.

Is there any Wi-fi service in the hotel (including rooms)?

Yes. The hotel has internet free access by wi-fi system.

Does the hotel have lobby and public spaces?

Yes. The hotel has lobby bar.

Does the hotel have laundry and ironing service?

Yes. Laundry service is available in normal and express service.

How does lost property work?

Items left in the hotel rooms are registered and kept for a period of 6 months after the guest’s departure. Please contact reception by email at if you have forgotten something.

I would like to be notified via email about promotions and special offers, what should I do?

You must give your consent for the hotel to store your personal data (name and email address) so that we can send you offers and promotions.

Does the hotel have a loyalty programme?

Yes, the Wyndham Rewards Programme. You will find information about the programme at this link:

Where can I find information about other hotels in the group?

You can find information about more hotels of the Hoti Hoteis brand here: